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Deutsche Bank to pay $60 million to settle US gold price-fixing case Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay $60 million to settle private U.S. antitrust litigation by traders and other investors who accused the German bank of conspiring to manipulate gold prices at their expense.

Markets Mega-Movers Impending Deepcaster Equities and other Markets have Rallied Lately on the Prospect (Hope) that a Trump Administration will renew economic growth. But there are Several Major E...

Alasdair Macleod's Market Report: Gold & Silver HEAVILY Oversold The technical bears are out in force, making up stories forecasting the death of gold and silver, based on the chart below. This is a bear’s delight, with...

IT'S OVER. - Jim Sinclair From Greg Hunter: In perhaps the most important interview of the year, Legendary gold expert Jim Sinclair warns, “Markets do not exist anymore - and you ca...

Buy Royal Mint gold using Bitcoin tech - via your Isa firm The Royal Mint is to offer a new way to invest in gold using the technology behind Bitcoin, the digital currency, launching in 2017.

This 2,000-YO Lead Tablet Could Change What We Know About Jesus: “Earliest Document in Existence A controversial discovery is casting light on a part of Jesus’ life that was not previously known, and is now the oldest known record of early Christianity...

Gold And Silver – Do Not Expect Much Difference With Trump Compared To Obama Saturday 3 December 2016 Obama was the “Yes, we can!” hope and change candidate that become the deep state elite’s presidential lackey. It was Obama’s choice to sell his p...

The Peak Gold Era Begins Now Let’s start by stating the obvious: There’s only so much gold in the ground, and people have been mining it since approximately 4700 BC. At some point, the Earth will have given all it has to give. And after 7,000 ye

The Last Time The Fed Hiked Rates in December, Silver Began An $8 Rally With A Historic Month for the Markets Behind Us, Craig Hemke Joins the Show For In-Depth Analysis, Biggest Move in Treasury Market In HISTORY...

Can Trump Salvage The Sinking US Ship? Most people never take into account that there is something called the Fiscal Gap, which at this point sits well over $210 trillion. Given the current app...

Metals, She Wrote: 2016 in Review Ladies and gentlemen, it’s December. 2016 has flown by, and the early nights and bright twinkling lights indicate the holidays are here. With the arrival of each new year comes the inevitable refle...

China Buying the Dip - 28.652 Tonnes of Physical Gold Taken Off the Shanghai Gold Exchange In One Day The top of the chart is cumulative, the bottom portion is the daily volume. Yesterday was easily the biggest day of this year for physic...

The VAT Tax System In China’s Domestic Gold Market Important for a thorough understanding of the Chinese domestic gold market – the largest physical gold market globally – is the local Value-added Tax (VAT...

Canada Stock Worth Watching: ISHARES SILVER BULLION ETF NON HDG (SVR.C) Is Yet to See Trading Action on Dec 2 Shares of ISHARES SILVER BULLION ETF NON HDG (TSE:SVR.C) closed at $8.76 yesterday. ISHARES SILVER BULLION ETF NON HDG currently has a total float of 2.25 million shares and on average sees 2,634 shares exchange hands ea

The Deep State’s Attempt To CRUSH India’s Gold Demand Given that Deep State operatives can do nothing to increase western gold supply, their only options are to somehow discover supply elsewhere, and/or to CRU...

What Does Trump Mean for Investments? The market reaction to Trump's election victory—stocks and the dollar up, gold down—was the opposite of what had been widely foreseen. Money manager Adria...

Daily Spot Price Update 12/1/2016 Metal Open Close Change Gold $1175.09 $1177.35 + $2.26 Silver $16.54 $16.65 + $0.11 Platinum $917.00 $922.75 + $5.75 Palladium $774.93 $759.80 – $15.13 Summary Gold, silver, and platinum all...

The World's Gold Savings & Payments Network. The world's largest gold savings and payments network. Discover the easiest, fastest, and safest way to own, store, save, and spend gold. Sign up for free.

Gold, Silver Disappoint After U.S. Election Surprise. What Now? By Sean Lusk Dec 01, 2016 12:31AM ET The common thinking in the marketplace following the Trump victory was that gold and silver would be two of the beneficiaries of higher prices and increased interest among traditional

Silver Prices & Interest Rates Examine the chart of annual silver prices since 1913 on a log scale. The upward trend in silver prices is clear and will continue as long as debt is increa...

Gold price slump puts Barrick’s Super Pit deal with Minjar at risk The Chinese miner is also having a hard time trying to convince Western lenders of financing part of the deal.

Perth Mint of Australia 2017 Collector Coins for December New collector coins from the Perth Mint of Australia are emblematic of the Chinese zodiac and New Year. Serving as the premier issue is a high-relief Year of the Rooster Gold Coin. It is joined by...

Trump Selects Wall Street Insiders for Cabinet; Steve St. Angelo on Silver Production Peak on 2015 This week, Steve St. Angelo of the SRSRocco Report gives his unique and studied perspective on how peak energy is coming sooner than we think and is ultimately going to be a key driver for higher gold and silver prices.

Incrementum’s Inflation Signal Indicator has turned to Falling Inflation Momentum! This is a very interesting development, as inflation expectations have surged higher recently, particularly since Donald Trump's acceptance speech. Market developments since the triumph of Trump are quite remarkable and

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